PUBLICATION: M. Widom and M. Mihalkovic, "Stability of Fe-based alloys with structure type C6Cr23", J. Mater. Resch. 20 (2005) 237-42 (preprint has better figures than reprint)

ABSTRACT: Bulk metallic glass forms when liquid metal alloys solidify without crystalization. In the search for Iron-based bulk glass-forming alloys of the metal-metalloid type (Fe-B- and Fe-C-based), crystals based on the structural prototype \C6Cr23 often preempt the amorphous phase. Destabilizing this competing crystal structure could enhance glass-formability. We carry out first-principles total energy calculations of enthalpy of formation to identify third elements that can effectively destabilize \C6Cr23. Yttrium appears optimal among transition metals, and rare earths also are suitable. Atomic size is the dominant factor.