PUBLICATION: MICHAEL C. GAO, NECIP UNLU, MAREK MIHALKOVIC, MICHAEL WIDOM, and G.J. SHIFLET, "Glass Formation, Phase Equilibria, and Thermodynamic Assessment of the Al-Ce-Co System Assisted by First-Principles Energy Calculations" Met. Mat. Trans A 38 (2007) 2540-51 (reprint)

ABSTRACT: This study investigates glass formation, phase equilibria, and thermodynamic descriptions of the Al-rich Al-Ce-Co ternary system using a novel approach that combines critical experiments, CALPHAD modeling, and first-principles (FP) calculations. The glass formation range (GFR) and a partial 500 C isotherm are determined using a range of experimental techniques including melt spinning, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron probe microanalysis (EPMA), X-ray diffraction, and differential thermal analysis (DTA). Three stable ternary phases are confirmed, namely, Al8CeCo2, Al4CeCo, and AlCeCo, while a metastable phase, Al5CeCo2, was discovered. The equilibrium and metastable phases identified by the present and earlier reported experiments, together with many hypothetical ternary compounds, are further studied by FP calculations. Based on new experimental data and FP calculations, the thermodynamics of the Al-rich Al-Co-Ce system is optimized using the CALPHAD method. Application to glass formation is discussed in light of present studies.